What My Clients Are Saying About Me

What My Clients Are Saying About Me

                                  Reference letter

When I got to Las Vegas I was in a tough situation. I had sold my house and moved south with a baby on the way. We had a set amount we could spend and no job in the new town.

I looked for places for about a week and found the market was moving too fast to find a place. I decided to get a realtor. I was living in a motel with 3 cats and a pregnant woman. We either had to find a place fast or rent a place. 

I walked into the Coldwell Banker office and met Aaron at random. It was the first lucky break that I had since coming to Vegas. I told Aaron my situation and how crunched for time I was. The next morning we searched a list of houses he found for me. My budget was pretty low and we saw some pretty rough places but by the afternoon we had found one that was just right and told him to make an offer.

He did his work finding out about other offers and when the owner would be deciding. There were about 9 offers made and with Aaron's advice we got the house $2,000 over list price. After getting a rather fast acceptance from the seller, Aaron knew we might have a baby any day so he stayed in close contact with the title company, underwriters, inspectors and all of the other people involved.

From the day I walked into Coldwell Banker's office and met Aaron until the time I had the keys to my new house in hand was six days..

My baby was born 12 days later. 

I highly recommend Aaron Lashlee as a take charge/push the deal through type of agent. 


Leland Hanes
What My Clients Are Saying About Me

Hello my name is Carl Weller.

Aaron just recently helped me with the purchase of a rental property. I already had tenants who I knew well who needed to move into a rental property and I planned to buy a rental property for them to move into. Aaron was showing them potential properties before I met him. Even though I know other realtors, Aaron had already done considerable work looking for a home for my tenants. I just let him represent me as the buyer rather than start over with a different realtor.

My tenants were in a bad place. The previous home they were renting had been sold and they were only given 30 days to find a new place to live. That would most likely not have happened with a normal relator, but Aaron was so on top of everything that not an hour or day was wasted and a suitable property was found, purchase negotiated, and closed with a week to spare. Less than 30 days total. There was not one glitch from beginning to end and, best of all - no surprises.

I was more involved in real estate quite a few years ago and I still have one rental property that I hope to sell this year, when I think the time is right. I do not intend to call any of my old friends who are still selling homes.Aaron Lashlee is my realtor from now on.
What My Clients Are Saying About Me

Hello there,

My name is Christina M. I am a recent first time home buyer. I came across Aaron expressing to him I had a slight interest in the market and what's in store for me. In my own opinion, being that I'm single and in my twenties, I felt it was the right time in my life to purchase my first home. 

After Aaron asked precise questions on my preferences and other important details I had in buying my home, he never forgot or had to ask me again. Not once did I have to repeat myself. Being that he was very receptive and a great listener, it made my whole experience so much easier. Also it saved us both a lot of time!! Before our meetings he would continue to be proactiveand look through the listings and could remove the ones that I would if I was there. He knew what I was looking for. And if we couldn't find one that was the full package to my preferences, he would make sure there was strong characteristics that would stand out to my liking. 

Not to mention, this was no swift process at the time I was looking to buy. The competition was almost unbearable to where I felt maybe I was wrong about my "perfect timing." I couldn't help but recognize Aaron's strong will and determination to not give up on my goals with me. It encouraged me to continue on with the challenges that came. 

Within a few days after the feeling of me wanting to give up, I had started a new beginning in my life thanks to Aaron. It was perfect timing! All in all the transition from when my lease was up to when the seller needed to be moved was all done in accordance. I felt he was on my team to make sure I was alright on moving from house to home. I trusted him and he found the home I am happily living in. I have been blessed with more than expected in this home and the home buying process without feeling uncomfortable at any point from beginning to end in my first time experience and making such a huge decision.

With this being said, I will definately, always turn to Aaron when I'm ready to buy again or refer him to any friend or family member that needs a realtor. I strongly suggest Aaron Lashlee as your realtor. He's a great guy indeed. Thank you for your time and I am sure you will be well taken care of with Coldwell Banker Realty - realtor, Aaron Lashlee

Best regards,
Christina Montoya